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Women Costumes and Keeping Warm!

October 17th, 2011 | Posted by ChristineM in Halloween Tips

Let’s face it, most of the selection of women costumes aren’t exactly covering you head to toe, unless you are a ninja or an Eskimo. Halloween is all about being a bit sexy and flirty, but that often means short skirts and bare shoulders. And Halloween has this one recurring issue where it gets, well, cold. Especially at night when everyone is heading out to bars and parties.  So how can you keep warm?

Besides a great big coat, don’t forget extra accessories like a scarf and gloves. If you can actually use these as part of your adult costume, even better! But even if you think covering up ruins the costume, just remember, you are only doing so while outside. You can take it off as soon as you get to where you are going, you just don’t want to get sick in the process!

Another great option for those short skirts for the in between is leg warmers! Or, if you can get away with tights underneath in a color that will compliment and work for your costume, it’ll help shield your legs from the cold. Use knee high boots to accessorize with and you’ll have even more coverage!

So don’t let yourself freeze out there this Halloween, take a few steps to stay warm without sacrificing the look of the costume!

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